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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
The Ultimate High Speed Battle Begins! Goku and Hit Join Forces!!
Dispo introduces himself to Hit, saying he will defeat his Time-Skip for the sake of his universe. Watching from the sidelines, Kale asks Caulifla if they should help Hit, and Caulifla says that Hit will be fine. Dyspo charges at Hit, and before Hit can utilize his Time-Skip, Dyspo notices and lands a clean hit, much to everyone's shock. Hit realizes that Dyspo wasn't bluffing. Champa remarks that it was a lucky shot, and Vados tells him not to get too angry as his blood pressure will rise. Champa points out that Dyspo looks like Beerus, but Vados jokes that this would mean Dyspo also looks like Champa, however Champa immediately denies this. Beerus and Shin are shocked that Hit of all people is struggling against another opponent.Dyspo and Hit charge towards each other again, but Dyspo's speed increases as he knocks Hit down. The gods of Universe 11 discuss Champa being flustered as Hit is getting pushed back, realizing that Hit is their ace warrior and if he goes down, the rest of Universe 6 will follow suit. The two Zenos whine about Dyspo's attack being too fast to see, and Grand Minister tells them he added a new recording function to their GodPads that allows them to see the attack in slow motion. Hit remarks that it feels like Dyspo is using Time-Skip on him. Top comments that through repeated battles, Dyspo's speed has surpassed the speed of sound and light, calling him their blitz captain.Hit is immediately knocked to the edge of the ring, and he is cornered. When Dyspo tries to knock Hit off, Hit evades his attack by making his body intangible, as a surprised Dyspo phases through him and falls off the edge. Before Dyspo falls too deep, he is saved by Kunshi's energy whips. Not wanting Dyspo to be defeated, Kunshi prepares to help him fight Hit. Hit manages to hold his own against Dyspo's speed, but he is captured by Kunshi's whips and attacked by Dyspo. Watching this, Caulifla prepares to jump out and help Hit, ignoring Kale's concerns, but everyone is interrupted by Goku, blocking Dyspo's attack in his Super Saiyan God form. Hit says he doesn't need Goku's help, but Goku replies that he isn't there to help him, he just wants to fight. Whis explains that Super Saiyan God has greater power and speed than regular Super Saiyan, and it consumes less stamina than Super Saiyan Blue.Hit tells Goku to switch places with him, immediately attacking Dyspo. Hit lands a clean attack on Dyspo, explaining that he pretended to use Time-Skip by fooling Dyspo's ears with the same muscle tensing to counter Dyspo's attack. Goku turns Blue again and attacks Kunshi, ignoring his exploding whips, landing a clean blow. Hit lands another attack on Dyspo, gradually overwhelming him as he is forced to wonder if Hit is actually using Time-Skip or is pretending to. With Dyspo defeated by multiple Time-Skip attacks, Hit tells him to either jump off himself or Hit will throw him off. Dyspo refuses to surrender, and Hit picks him up and throws him, but he is once again saved by Kunshi's whips. Kunshi tells Dyspo to retreat as he prepares to take Hit with him and attacks, but Hit Time-Skips behind him and knocks him off. With Kunshi knocked off, there are only 3 Pride Troopers remaining, but Cae does not worry as two of them are Toppo and Jiren.Dyspo vows to exact revenge on Hit but when he begins speaking of justice, Toppo interrupts lectures that they are done playing the hero as there is no longer justice or evil, but only either survival or erasure. Goku compliments Hit for getting stronger again, but then says once Dyspo recovers, he'll be the one to defeat him. Hit is uninterested, and when Goku asks if they're gonna fight, Hit decides to walk away in response to Goku helping him out. Goku says that if he survives until the end, they should settle their score.There are 35 minutes left until the end of the tournament.
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