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Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!
Frost is seen hiding underneath rocks for cover and remembers asking Champa for forgiveness for all of his evil deeds. Champa initially laughs at this, but Frost promises the complete humiliation and destruction of Universe 7 in return. Meanwhile, the Omni-Kings ask for a count of the remaining warriors. The Grand Minister counts 36 for the Zenos: Universe 2 with six, Universe 3 with seven, Universe 4 with four (only two of which anyone has been able to sense the presence of so far which Beerus notices the moment which the Grand Priest mentions Universe 4's remaining number of warriors), Universes 6 & 7 with eight, and lastly, Universe 11 with 3. The two unseen warriors from Universe 4 greatly concerns Team Universe 7 on the bench after Whis notes that Universe 4 warriors are known to have special abilities and that the unseen two might try something at a pivotal moment. Vermoud, Cae, and Marcarita remark that their remaining warriors are also by far their strongest, with Jiren being seen as possibly the most formidable opponent in the entire tournament. It is also stated by Ea, who wants to study Jiren's body further, and that Maji Kayo would be the perfect warrior to do it.Frost is seen ambushing Master Roshi and blasting him into a rock protrusion from the tournament grounds. Goku witnesses this and gives chase, but he is stopped by Ribrianne. Frost tortures Master Roshi, and Master Roshi tells Frost that he thinks Frost is hunting down weaker opponents. Frost retaliates, but Master Roshi turns into muscular form to fight off Frost. Frost easily overpowers Master Roshi regardless, but the resultant dust cloud from combat permits Master Roshi to attempt the Evil Containment Wave. This fails due to Master Roshi's fatigue and inability to control the wave at the last moment. Frost, noticing Vegeta observing the tournament from a distance, puts a second plan into action in response.Frost begins firing a flurry of pinpoint energy shots at Master Roshi, and then fires one at Vegeta to upset his temperament. This brings Vegeta into the fight, who punches Frost into a rock wall. Frost then pretends to be weak and gives a short monologue in order to buy enough time for Auta Magetta to break through the rock wall and begin fighting Vegeta. Magetta is shown having molten rocks shoved into his ears, making him immune to insults. Seeing Vegeta being overwhelmed by the combined attacks of Frost and Magetta, Master Roshi attempts a final Evil Containment Wave. Frost deflects this and seals Vegeta inside the container instead. An angry Master Roshi attempts to attack Frost, but Frost easily overpowers him again.As a final attack, Master Roshi fires a pinpoint energy blast while Frost remarks how he has finally gotten his revenge on Vegeta. Master Roshi collapses, but he manages to look up and redirect his energy blast toward Frost's container holding Vegeta. This frees an enraged Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, who blows off one of Magetta's earplugs and insults him, causing him to faint due to low self-esteem. Frost fires a blast toward the ground in order to sneak away, and Vegeta pushes Magetta off the stage. Vegeta tells Master Roshi to retire, who voluntary falls off the stage. Roshi is then given a Senzu Bean by Krillin before he dies; he is also praised by Beerus while Goku is about to face off with Brianne.There are 30 minutes left until the end of the tournament.
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