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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
Son Goku Wakes! New Level of the Awakened!!
Goku, while in his x20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken state, struggles to push his Universe 7's Spirit Bomb against Jiren's immense power. It appears that Goku was swallowed by the Spirit Bomb, and Cae notes that with Goku's defeat, the rest of Universe 7 will crumble. Goku emerges from the attack, revealing that he barely managed to stop it from colliding with himself, and attempts to push it back. Jiren puts his arms down and pushes the Spirit Bomb back with a glance. The exempt gods realize that neither warrior achieved their level of power through normal training, most particularly Jiren, who is in fact hiding an even larger power.Top notes that Jiren is victorious. After the explosion clears, the Grand Minister remarks that it is over and he is glad that the tournament ring managed to hold out, however he points out that Goku is nowhere to be found. Krillin tries to remain optimistic by saying Goku has not been teleported to the spectator seats yet, but his ki cannot be sensed. It is assumed that Goku has been vaporized by being exposed to such a huge explosion in close range. Champa points out that Jiren should be disqualified for killing, but he is corrected by the Great Priest, who says that it was Goku's own attack that destroyed him, which is in-turn a form of self-destruction, so Jiren receives no penalties.While everyone is shocked to see Goku is still alive, they begin to wonder why he is so different. Tien and Master Roshi realize that while his body is emitting a tremendous amount of heat, his ki is calm. Goku directs his attention to Jiren, and after a single footstep, immediately attacks him with a kick. Goku moved so fast that Toppo and Dyspo did not realize he moved until he already did, however Jiren was able to dodge the attack. Goku attacks again, but when Jiren tries to punch him, Goku suddenly dodges and collides his fist with Jiren's. Jiren attacks again but Goku dodges his attack once more, managing to scrape Jiren's face. Piccolo and Gohan realize that Goku's attacks are able to affect Jiren, but his movements are different than his usual movements. Vegeta wonders what happened to Goku as his movements feel 'unreal'Toppo and Dyspo both try to attack Goku, however they are easily countered and thrown aside. Toppo tries to use Justice Flash, but Goku casually dodges the attack by walking towards Jiren. Jiren shows Toppo a hand signal, informing him that his help is not needed. Goku attacks Jiren again, accurately dodges his attacks while attacking himself, however Jiren manages to block them. The two begin colliding attacks while the spectators wondering what is going on. Piccolo notes that with every attacks and every block, Goku's power is increasing and his attacks become quicker, sharper and heavier. Khai and Belmod are shocked that Jiren is being pushed this much. After thinking for a bit, Whis expresses with glee that Goku is utilizing the godly ability of 'reacting without thinking' (named by Beerus as 'Ultra Instinct')..When Jiren stands his ground, Goku charges and tries to attack with his remaining strength, causing a huge explosion. When the smoke clears, Jiren appears to have blocked his attack, calling Saiyans interesting, but he comments that Goku has reached his limit as the Ultra Instinct form runs out. Jiren blasts Goku away, and he is suddenly attacked by Hit. Hit tried to attack Jiren in this moment as warriors typically are most open when finishing their enemies, but Jiren does not have this weakness as he casually blocks Hit's attack. Jiren asks what he wants, and Hit says that he's working.Vegeta confronts Goku, who says he has run out of power and is lying on the floor, and asks him what he did. Goku replies that he himself doesn't know. Ribrianne appears, and Vegeta sets his sights on her, but Goku suddenly disappears when he's not looking. It is revealed that Goku was swiped by Frieza, who charges an attack against him, saying this brings back memories of Planet Namek.
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