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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
Unavoidable? The Ferocity of a Stealth Attack!
As Vegeta and Catopesra continue to battle, Katopesla changes into his 'Ultimate Mode', increasing both his power and speed 300 fold. However, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and attacks him before he can finish explaining about this form, forcing Katopesla to use Katopesla The Final Mission. Vegeta counters with a Final Flash, which he offers as a superior example of a 'final' technique. Vegeta's blast pushes Katopesla to the edge of the arena, but he just barely manages to stop himself before going over. Suddenly though, Katopesla is knocked over the edge and rings out. As Katopesla materializes in the bleachers, Mosco (via Camparri) asked him what happened. However, Katopesla wasn't sure himself as he felt like something attacked his feet. At that moment, something nearly knocks Vegeta and Gohan, who is rescued by Piccolo, out of the arena.Quitela orders Shantza to get going, who creates a strange red zone around Team Universe 7. The defeated warriors from the erased universes appear, claiming to be back for revenge. Though Piccolo recognizes these as illusions, they are apparently still solid enough to attack him and the others, though their own attacks simply pass through their phantom opponents. While the phantoms themselves have no ki to sense, Piccolo can still sense two people nearby: one moving, and one still. Gohan realizes that the still one must be creating the illusions, while the other uses the illusions as cover to attack them. Indeed, Piccolo soon spots Shantza hiding nearby and very easily blows him out of the arena, much to Quitela's annoyance. The illusions and red zone vanish, but the second fighter still remains and continues his attack. Universe 4's final fighter, Damon, is apparently another invisible person, but unlike Gamisaras he is unable to suppress his ki, and Piccolo confidently attacks him. For some reason though, none of Piccolo's attacks connect and in his confusion he is caught off guard and knocked from the arena. Materializing in the bleachers, Piccolo wonders what happened as Damon is not only invisible, but has no physical body.Android 17 is attacked by Damon and was almost eliminated until Goku saved him. 17 soon figures out Damon's secret and stands still with his eyes closed, taunting Damon to come attack him. Not distracted by sight or ki-sensing, Android 17's attacks zero in on Damon and finally reveal his true nature: a tiny bug person. Since everyone incorrectly assumed Damon was invisible, the discrepancy between the ki they sensed from him and his tiny size prevented any of their attacks from hitting. Knowing Damon's secret, it is still difficult for Goku and 17 to manage to hit such a small and fast opponent. Knowing that Damon has no wings and must always jump to attack, Goku repeatedly punches the arena to throw him off enough for Android 17 to capture him within a tiny barrier and kick him out of the arena. With Team Universe 4 defeated, the Zenos prepare to Erase them as Quitela refused to accept this and tries to take everyone else down with him, but before he could, he and the rest of Universe 4 ceased to exist.There are 12 minutes until the end of the Tournament of Power.
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