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Body, Soul and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!
In the aftermath of Jiren's overwhelming defeat of Vegeta, everyone is amazed at Jiren's power. While Vegeta struggles on the ground, Jiren tells the warrior to rest. In the bleachers, Belmod and Khai note what an honor it is for Jiren to acknowledge Vegeta as a 'warrior'; he is praising Vegeta's bravery in facing him with everything he had. The Omni-Kings are impressed with Jiren too, and amuse themselves imitating him. Struggling to his feet, Vegeta says he can tell Jiren still hasn't used his full power. Taking over from where Vegeta left off, Goku powers up to fight Jiren once more. Meanwhile, Dyspo is still throwing Frieza around by the tail, and delivers what he believes to be a finishing blow. He brags about his power as a member of the Pride Troopers, but Frieza is both unimpressed and seemingly unhurt by his attacks, and begins firing back.Goku goes and rejoins Vegeta, who says that while he may have caught Jiren off-guard this won't be enough to defeat him, but Goku knew that already. Indeed, Jiren uses the small pieces of rubble in the air around him as footholds to jump back up into the arena, and begins walking straight towards Goku, completely unfazed by the ki landmines he continues to set off. After knocking Goku around for a bit more, Jiren powers up, impressing Khai with his intense ki. Even Belmod says it's been a long time since he's seen Jiren like this. Goku and Jiren begin trading blows once again, but Jiren quickly overwhelms Goku with the same sort of glowing punch he had begun to use earlier before being interrupted. The impact from Jiren's punch blasts through the arena, and although it only grazes Goku's cheek, he reverts from Super Saiyan Blue to his base form. Khai and Belmod can tell that Jiren has begun showing a bit of his full power. Krillin asks what sort of technique this is, but Khai explains that for Jiren, these are nothing more than ordinary punches. Goku says he's never been hit by such strong attacks before, but he can't turn back now. Vegeta agrees; they know well enough that Jiren is strong, but he must still defeat him and get the Super Dragon Balls. The two power up, with Goku using X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken once more. Beerus sees that Goku is unleashing every scrap of power he has; if even this doesn't work, then they've had it.Vegeta meanwhile remembers his promise to Cabba, that he would win the tournament and resurrect him and the others of Universe 6. In order to keep that promise, Vegeta resolves to overcome his limits in his own way and defeat Jiren. As he powers up, a change comes over Vegeta's ki, and he becomes a more sparkly version of Super Saiyan Blue. The Grand Minister explains that Vegeta seems to have broken through his shell (much as Goku did earlier) and has collected power within himself greatly surpassing what he previously had as a Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta tells Jiren that this is everything he has, and he and Goku begin fighting Jiren two-against-one, finally working together for a change. Jiren can feel that their attacks are sharper than before, but he still counters with more of his trademark glowing punches. The two of them together start to push back against Jiren, who seems thrown off his game. While the action pauses for a moment, Whis explains that Goku and Vegeta's coordination isn’t perfect, yet this actually helps them out by confusing Jiren.There are 7 minutes until the end of the Tournament of Power.
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