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The Revenge Begins! The Vicious Freeza Army Attack Gohan!
As Frieza and his army are landing on Earth and leaving the space ship, Tien Shinhan tells everyone that it was too dangerous for Chiaotzu. Gohan replies by saying Goten and Trunks weren't brought along is because they would've done something reckless. Krillin is expecting to see Good Buu but Gohan says that he is asleep and it will be difficult to wake him up. Master Roshi tells everyone that he has possession of Senzu Beans and asks Gohan if he has been keeping up with training, Gohan states that he hasn't but he can probably still go Super Saiyan. All of a sudden, Jaco and Bulma arrive in Jaco's ship. Bulma feels that she's safe being around them and forces Jaco to fight along with everyone.Shisami is then ordered by Sorbet to kill every single one of them. Gohan takes on the challenge of Shisami. Shisami charges Gohan even though he's firing the Gekiretsu Madan at him. Gohan gets caught himself in a Bear Hug from Shisami. Gohan isn't struggling at all and tells Shisami that he wants people like him to be away from the Earth while he raises his daughter.When Gohan is about to attack Shisami, Tagoma fires a ki blast and it goes through Shisami and Gohan. Shisami is dead but Gohan's received a hole in his chest and his heart stops beating. Piccolo restarts Gohan's heart by using a kiai and Krillin gave Gohan a Senzu Bean to full recover. Sorbet notices that Tagoma's personality has changed because he is being rude to him. Tagoma is glad that Sorbet has chosen him to be Frieza's training partner. Tagoma would get beaten by Frieza until the point of death. Tagoma would use the regeneration machine to recover so he wouldn't die and Frieza could beat him more without killing him. This routine has gotten Frieza and Tagoma stronger in the four-month span.Tagoma is offered by Frieza commander of his army and a planet of his choosing if he killed the Z-Fighters. Sorbet scans Tagoma and says the he's surpassed the Ginyu Force but Tagoma has gone even beyond them. When Tagoma raised his ki, Trunks and Goten sense his power and goes to see what it is. In Jaco's ship, Ginyu is seen popping out of it.
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