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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
Earth Explodes?! The Decisive Kamehameha Wave!
Goku, having seemingly won the fight against Frieza, drops out of Super Saiyan Blue. Sorbet, recognizing that Goku's guard is down, shoots him through the torso with Bad Ring Laser, critically wounding him. Frieza briefly gloats about Goku, one of the strongest beings in the universe, being felled by a simple ray gun, before preparing to end his life. However, Vegeta fires a ki blast at Frieza, who is forced to jump out of the way.Frieza attempts to fight Vegeta but is unable to land a single blow, and Vegeta proceeds to pummel him with little effort. After a very short battle, Frieza, having insufficient energy to maintain his Golden form, drops back into his final form. Vegeta prepares to deliver the killing blow, but Frieza, knowing he has lost the fight, destroys Earth. Vegeta and everyone else on Earth is killed, save Beerus, Bulma, Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Tien, Master Roshi, and Jaco, who are protected by an Energy Shield created by Whis. As Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin mourn the loss of their families, Whis tells them Frieza is likely still alive. Goku expresses guilt that he made the fight longer than it had to be, and could have finished Frieza off.Whis informs everyone that he has the ability to turn back time by a maximum of three minutes, and offers to do so to allow Goku to kill Frieza before he has a chance to destroy Earth. Whis reverses time to several seconds before Earth is destroyed, and Goku immediately charges towards Vegeta and Frieza and fires a God Kamehameha at Frieza, disintegrating him. Vegeta then accuses Goku of stealing his glory but Bulma calms him down and explains what had just happened, and what would have happened if Goku hadn't intervened. Beerus says that a God of Destruction saving a planet was not very fitting. Bulma asks Jaco how he would respond to Whis manipulating time, which is against galactic law, and Jaco says that he didn't see anything.Goku goes to New Namek to revive Piccolo with the Namekian Dragon Balls, and everyone attends a celebration at Capsule Corporation. Trunks enthusiastically proclaims that he will cut Frieza to pieces if he returns, making everyone except Goten laugh, as that is exactly what Future Trunks did to Frieza. Gohan, blaming himself for letting Piccolo die again and regretting being unable to help, asks Piccolo to retrain him, and he agrees. Goku and Vegeta talk about training together, each saying that they would rather die. Frieza is shown back in Earth's Hell.
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