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It is Settled – We are Holding a Martial Arts Match! The Team Captain is Even Stronger than Goku
In Beerus' castle, Champa decides that the tournament should be held on the Nameless Planet, sitting in neutral space between Universe 6 and Universe 7. However, Vados states that the planet is nearby a little sun and the planet has no atmosphere. Champa tells Beerus he will deal with the planet because Beerus points out, it is his problem. Champa also wants to decide on the rules ahead of time. Goku suggests that they use the rules from the World Martial Arts Tournament: a person loses if they surrender, killing is non allowed, and whoever falls out the ring is counted out. Vegeta also suggests that enhancements and weapons are not allowed also, and he even says that a simple test would be permitted because he doesn't want idiot fighters participating. Both Beerus and Champa agree to the rules. Champa says that the tournament is one week from then at 7PM on the 8th solar calendar, which is five days. Before Champa leaves, he tosses Goku a Don Don egg as a gift, but Goku struggles to attain it.In present time, Bulma is scared of what Beerus might wish for. However, Goku and Vegeta try to calm her down because he could be joking and he's the God of Destruction so he goes by his own principles. Bulma wants to gather the Super Dragon Balls so Beerus could not make a wish. Though, Bulma says she doesn't care if they don't help he so she will get someone else. Bulma is calling her older sister, Tights, who is on a beach, and asks her to contact Jaco so he could help her. Jaco is an alien world stacking rocks when he gets a call from Tights. Jaco is angry and tells her that he's on an important Galactic Patrol mission and wants Tights to tell Bulma she couldn't get in touch with him. Bulma is still on the line and hears what Jaco said. Jaco knocks over his rocks while in shock and says that took him all day to build. Bulma threatens Jaco by saying Vegeta will destroy the Galactic Patrol headquarters if he doesn't show up and so Jaco rushes to Earth which will take him 50 minutes to reach.Bulma wants Vegeta and Goku to try the Super Dragon Radar she worked hard on. Goku and Vegeta notices it doesn't get a response but Bulma says to get one, they need to go to the center of the universe because where they are, they're at the edge so finding the Super Dragon Ball will be complicated and getting to the center will increase the range of the ping. Bulma claims she will not let Beerus get the Super Dragon Balls but Goku doesn't want Bulma to interfere with the tournament. Bulma wonders why Goku thinks the tournament is more important than the universe but Goku really wants to meet Monaka.
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