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The Match Begins! Everyone, Head to the Nameless Star!
On The Lookout, Dende and Mr. Popo are playing an intense game of tennis. Simultaneously, Goku and Vegeta are sparring in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Once they are finished, Goku is heavily exhausted and he expresses how he likes sparring with Vegeta and it helps him find need for improvement. Vegeta notes in his thoughts that he and Goku are improving and he is excited to match against Universe 6. Goku is wondering about Monaka and he is the strongest guy Beerus has fought but Vegeta tells him to focus on the match rather than his own teammate. Though, Goku is unsure if he Universe 6 fighters are strong but Vegeta says that Monaka is used as a trump card for their team so he is strong. Goku is excited to meet the six fighters he has never seen before but Vegeta wants Goku to act his age. Goku questions what Vegeta told him earlier about Saiyans saying young until their 80 but Vegeta was speaking physically instead of mentally. After this talk, they continue their training.Goku and Vegeta arrive from training in the chamber and come back with beards and an unpleasant aroma. Bulma demands that they go take showers immediately before going. After some time, everyone is gathered in the Cube and Goku and Vegeta come back showered and have shaved. Krillin comes back and Goku wonders if Krillin was taking a dump but Krillin doesn't want to say things of some sort. They then leave Earth to Beerus' planet. In the Cube, Trunks is amazed by the sight and then smells something. Buu is laughing because he farted. Mr. Satan makes a comical joke, saying he calls it Majin Pew.The exam has begun. The test is said by Vados to be ten questions to test their basic knowledge and they will be given ten minutes to complete it and having a score of fifty or higher is eligible to compete. After the time is up, Beerus is mad that Buu failed his exam, leaving only four fighters for Universe 7. Goku says they can't do anything because if Buu falls asleep, he cannot be waken up for a while. Vegeta says that's why he didn't want Buu as a fighter but Goku blames him for suggesting a test. Whis tells Beerus that they have to pick the order the fighters will go in. Beerus chooses Monaka to go last because he is the strongest and lets Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta play Rock-Paper-Scissors to choose their placing. The tournament begins with the Referee introducing the Singer to sing the universe anthem. The first mach of the tournament is between Universe 6's Botamo and Universe 7's Goku. Both Goku and Botamo enter the arena to commence the first match.
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