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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
Be Surprised, Universe 6! This is Super Saiyan – Son Goku!
The first match between Goku and Botamo begins. Botamo begins bouncing around the entire arena, eventually landing a strong blow on Goku, who barely manages to keep himself from falling out of the ring. Krillin yells for Goku to watch his back. Botamo, chuckling, advises for Goku to make a move, saying that he heard from Champa that he was not anything special. Goku says that he ate too much meat before the tournament, and starts exercising in order to digest the food. Botamo arrogantly says he will assist Goku in digesting his food, firing Ki Blasts from his mouth, which Goku evades, thanking him for the help.The two then proceed to fight, and it is shown they are more or less evenly matched. The Referee says that Frost's Third Form is known as his Charging Form, and due to his actions in Universe 6, he has been awarded the National Peace Prize three times. Goku says that Frost is hiding one more transformation, as he is saving it for later matches. Frost asks how he knows this, and Goku says he is doing the same thing, transforming into a Super Saiyan. Champa asked Cabba if Saiyans could transform, and Cabba replied that he did not know anything about it. Hit momentarily opens one eye and looks at the match, then closes it. Goku advises Frost to transform into his Final Form, which Frost does, claiming it is difficult to control his power in this form but believes Goku can handle it. The two continue their match, and Frost is completely outclassed, being knocked around several times. Goku says he does not want to beat up a nice guy like him so much, and suggests that Frost surrenders. Frost says he will not surrender, as he must win the competition, and throws another punch, which Goku blocks. However, Goku starts to suddenly feel tired, and starts panting heavily. Frost then knocks Goku out of the ring, and Goku falls on the floor, defeated.
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