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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
An Unexpectedly Hard Fight?! Vegeta’s Explosion of Rage!
Vegeta is flying in the air, realizing that Auta Magetta is generating the intense heat inside the barrier, and starts to feel disoriented. Champa starts giggling and Beerus notices. Goku yells for Vegeta to descend to the floor, due to the level of oxygen inside the barrier being low. Beerus suspects that Champa somehow sabotaged the barrier when it was created, but Champa shoots him down. Vegeta says he does not need advice from Goku, but realizes that he needs to finish the match as quickly as possible. Bulma is frustrated that Vegeta will not listen to Goku's advice. Suddenly, Magetta uses his Lava Spit over and over, which Vegeta dodges. While Vegeta prepares to attack, Magetta shoots out hot water vapor, then uses his Lava Spit on it to create a vapor explosion, which knocks Vegeta back. The Saiyan prince barely manages to keep himself from touching the barrier by using his ki to stop his momentum. Piccolo realizes that due to the decreasing oxygen and increasing heat, Vegeta is rapidly losing his stamina, and Whis agrees, saying that he is in a dangerous situation.The referee confirms this, and Vegeta is declared the winner. Vegeta powers down and asks Whis for some water, and Whis conjures some with his staff. Champa is frustrated while Vados repairs the arena. Whis tells Vegeta that there was no need to go that far, pointing out Magetta on the sidelines crying. Whis tells them that as a Metalman, Magetta is extremely sensitive and loses his will to fight when insulted. Beerus asks why Whis left out such an important fact, while Goku says that if they knew that in the beginning, the fight would be boring. Goku also points out that if Vegeta went all-out, the fight would have ended quicker, but Vegeta scoffed, looking at Hit, whose eyes are still closed. Cabba then jumps up, exclaiming he is up next to fight.
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