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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
Don’t Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta vs. Saiyan of the Universe 6
Whis and Vados are repairing the ring, which was partially destroyed from Vegeta's match with Auta Magetta. While Bulma is wiping the sweat from Vegeta's face, Trunks tells him to defeat the remaining opponents, and Vegeta says he plans to do that. Bulma tells him not to force himself too much, as Goku will be fighting after him. The audience of Universe 7 are enjoying watermelon brought by Chi-Chi. Champa yells out that they are being noisy, and Beerus engages in an argument with him. Whis and Vados interrupt them, revealing they have completely repaired the arena and made it a few times bigger. Beerus says that they will be getting rid of the barrier out-of-bounds rule, as the next match is announced. Vegeta and Cabba make their way to the ring while Fuwa reveals that Saiyans in Universe 6 followed a different evolution, becoming called the heroes of justice. Cabba politely introduces himself as Vegeta tells him not to hold back, which Cabba agrees to do. Beerus rings the bell, and the match begins.Confused, Cabba powers down, and Vegeta tells him that becoming a Super Saiyan is only possible through sheer anger. Vegeta tells Cabba to transform on his own, which he successfully does, realizing that Vegeta deliberately acted cruel to drive him to transform. Beerus calls it stupid that Vegeta was training Cabba, and Champa mocks him. Suddenly, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue, which causes Hit to open both eyes for the first time in the entire tournament. He looks over at Goku, who is smirking at him, and closes both eyes again. Cabba is shocked at the transformation, and Vegeta says he will someday reach this form with enough training. Vegeta suddenly punches Cabba hard in the gut, telling him not to forget this pain. Cabba falls unconscious, and Vegeta is declared the winner by knock out. Vegeta pours a vase of water on Cabba, causing him to wake up. Cabba thanks him, and Vegeta tells him not to forget the pride of the Saiyans, and to surpass him. Cabba tells Vegeta that the king of Planet Sadala is strong and proud like him, and Vegeta wants to meet him someday. The next match is announced, as Hit jumps to the arena and confronts Vegeta. Champa and Vados talk about Hit being a legendary assassin and he was promised the Cube if he won.
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