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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
Universe 6’s Most Powerful Warrior! Meet Hit Man Hit!!
Vegeta's next match is against Hit, the last opponent from the Universe 6 team. He realizes that Hit is hiding his ki, and from the little amount of it he can sense, he deduces that Hit is strong, but he does not intend to lose. Whis explains that Hit is the best assassin of Universe 6, and he has never failed in taking out his target. Beerus is satisfied about the match and rings the bell. Vegeta quickly assumes his Super Saiyan Blue form, and comments on Hit's basic fighting stance. Goku notes that Hit's stance has no openings, and is impressed. Hit charges towards Vegeta, and Vegeta is impressed at his speed, but he begins to counterattack. However, Hit suddenly lands a hard blow on Vegeta, knocking him back. Vegeta says that for a moment, he could not see Hit's attack at all, while Hit tells him to surrender. Refusing to, Vegeta charges behind Hit and attacks, but Hit quickly dodges the attack and knocks Vegeta away from his side. Vegeta assumes a defensive stance, preparing to counter Hit's attacks, but Hit charges towards him and successfully lands blow after blow with Vegeta unable to defend, wondering how he is attacking him. Vegeta falls back, powers up and prepares to fire a blast, but is surprised to see Hit put his hands in his pocket. Hit then lands a blow on Vegeta's side, and Vegeta wonders how he could attack that fast, even from a distance. Hit once again tells Vegeta to surrender.Champa rings the bell, and the match starts. Hit asks Goku if he forgot to transform, and Goku says he is saving it for later, until he finds a way to counter Hit's technique. Hit says that Goku must be young due to casually revealing his strategy, and Goku says he is much older than he looks, while Hit replies that he is over 1,000 years old. Goku then starts the match and charges towards Hit, appearing behind him and attacking, but Hit knocks him away. After a series of trial-and-error, Goku reveals he found a hint on how to counter Hit's attacks, and charges towards him again. When Hit tries to attack, Goku blocks the attack, which slightly surprises Hit. Goku then attacks again, managing to put a scratch on Hit's cheek, surprising both Champa and Beerus. Goku manages to block another attack from Hit, and retaliates, knocking Hit back. Goku reveals that he predicts what Hit's movements will be after 0.1 seconds, and Hit takes his hands out of his pockets. Goku says he will now use his full power.
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