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Trouble at the Victory Celebration! Showdown at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku
At Beerus' Planet, Whis is having a conversation with Bulma via his staff, who is inviting him and Beerus to a party on Earth celebrating Universe 7's victory in the tournament. While Beerus and Whis are excited over the variety of foods that will be present, Bulma tells them to arrive at noon the next day, and to invite Monaka, as he was also a part of the team. After Bulma hangs up, Beerus discusses with Whis about Monaka, saying that if Goku sees him, he will constantly insist on fighting him. Whis suggests that Beerus finally admits that Monaka is an amateur, however Beerus reminds him that his role is to motivate Goku and Vegeta, and that due to his status as a god, his authority would be diminished if anyone found out he lied. Beerus came up with an excuse not to bring Monaka to the party, saying that Monaka was busy with work.Goku immediately sees Monaka, and tries to get him to fight. Chi-Chi then berates Goku for wearing a dirty outfit, and forces him to fly home and change clothes, in order to buy time so Beerus and Whis can explain the circumstances. Beerus is confronted by Bulma for being a god and lying, and Vegeta holds her back, explaining that Beerus only lied for the Earth's sake, and to help Vegeta and Goku dedicate themselves to their training, allowing them to triumph over Universe 6. Whis then explains to everyone that Goku must not find out that Monaka is weak, in order to motivate him to grow stronger, as who knows what would happen to Earth if they lose the tournament between all of the universes.Goku believes that Beerus is actually Monaka, surprised that Monaka suddenly changed clothes and grew taller, believing Monaka to also have God powers. Bulma tells the two to take the fight elsewhere to avoid causing damage to the party. As Goku flies into the air and finds a good spot, Beerus charges towards Goku and knocks him back with a punch. Excited, Goku and Beerus then start fighting. As they land powerful blows on each other, Beerus' left hand is exposed due to the costume ripping, and he continues fighting while he hides his left hand behind his back. Piccolo is surprised that Beerus is having trouble, and Jaco reminds him that he has to worry about keeping the costume intact. As Beerus fights, Piccolo and Vegeta grow worried that Goku will realize that he is fighting Beerus wearing a costume.Vegeta wonders if Beerus has snapped, but Beerus is shown laughing inside of the costume as he begins to fight Goku again. Whis explains that Beerus has grown excited due to fighting Goku with such a restriction, while he has not fought anyone in a while due to only spectating the tournament. Beerus starts fighting more seriously, creating explosions, and ripping the costume in more areas. Goku and Beerus then Power Up, and before they exchange powerful blows, Whis appears in-between them and intercepts them, asking if they are trying to destroy the Earth. Whis then reminds Beerus that his arm is showing. Goku begs Whis to keep fighting, but Whis berates him, directing him to Beerus on the ground watching (who is in fact Puar transformed into him). Yamcha loudly exclaims that the fight was so intense that (the real) Monaka passed out, and Goku spots him. The others scorn Yamcha for blabbing while Beerus grows angry that he wore the Monaka costume and fought for nothing. Goku then praises Monaka for having the ability to split himself, and exclaims that he's starving. This causes Beerus to calm down.
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