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Seal of Planet Potofu – Secret of the Superhuman Water is Unleashed
On Earth, Monaka is delivering an order to Capsule Corporation, and Bulma yells at him through a window, asking him if he can bring the order up to her as she is busy working. Monaka delivered the snacks that Jaco ordered at the victory party. Bulma thanks Monaka and hands him a funnel, asking for his help with an experiment. Monaka says he has another delivery to make, and Bulma tells him it will not take long, and directs Monaka, who is using the funnel to fill a giant beaker with an unknown, blue liquid. Monaka is flustered when he wonders if he has to fill up the whole beaker.Monaka opens the back of the truck, and is shocked to see Goten and Trunks frozen solid. Monaka then thaws them, and tells them they are on Planet Potaufeu. The mysterious old man, named Potage, quickly runs into Monaka, and they exchange greetings, while Monaka delivers his order to him, a martial arts magazine. They are then confronted by the menacing group of figures, revealed to be an intergalactic criminal named Gryll and his henchmen, and Potage assumes a battle stance. As the figures prepare to fight, Potage cowardly falls back, leading Trunks and Goten to realize he is weak. Trunks and Goten then save Potage from the henchmen's laser gun, easily defeating them. They then retreat, but not before one of them noticing that Potage dropped an item resembling a baby pacifier.On Planet Potaufeu, Trunks and Goten, carrying Potage and Monaka, are seen flying and dodging attacks from Duplicate Gryll and his henchmen, who are now purple in color. Trunks is knocked out of the air, and another attack is fired at him, but Vegeta steps in front of his son, deflecting the blast. Trunks is relieved to see his father there, and Vegeta says they will talk later, while Jaco is surprised to see that Gryll, his target, is also here. Vegeta then confronts Gryll and his henchmen, easily knocking them down, and fires an energy blast at them. Vegeta then confronts Gryll, saying he is the last one left standing. A purple goo then sneaks behind Vegeta and surrounds him, trapping him and then eventually spitting him out. Vegeta then realizes that his strength is gone.
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