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Show Them! Krillin's Underlying Strength!
Having stopped their fighting, every warrior stood in disbelief over the sudden erasure of Universe 9, including the spectating Gods. Vegeta is surprised that Zeno really followed through with the extreme stipulation, and Goku earnestly points out that this is the second time they witnessed an entire universe being erased (the first being when Future Zeno erased Future Trunks' timeline). Goku reminds Vegeta that if Zeno decides to erase something, then it's getting erased no matter what, and he confidently states that he will be the last warrior standing, with Vegeta replying that he'll be the last one standing. Mojito, the Angel of Universe 9, snidely comments that he is the first out since his universe was erased, and it was to be expected. Anat, Supreme Kai of Universe 1, states that Universe 9's sacrifice was necessary, given that thanks to Goku bringing up the tournament, the lower-level universes have a chance to survive instead of being arbitrarily erased, and since they were defeated, they deserved to be erased to balance the universes. The spectators of Universe 7 are shocked that Zeno erased Universe 9 with no hesitation, and Vados laughs at Champa's nervousness and reminds him that he needs his fighters to try hard so he won't get erased.Krillin, rattled by what transpired, takes a deep breath and calms himself down, and Gohan makes sure his teammates haven't lost their morale. Frieza notes that Zeno's actions are vexing, and vows that he will one day rule over even them. Android 18 is also a little rattled, but Android 17 reminds her that if they lose, they will be erased and there won't be a chance for them to feel despair. He reminds her of their advantage as being Androids with infinite energy and they will never tire, also noting that it's good that she has gotten kinder since they last fought together. 18 agrees with her brother, and they both agree to cut loose. Zeno wonders why everyone stopped fighting, and Grand Minister says they should start again once they regain their composure. Old Kai notes that since everyone witnessed Zeno actually erasing a universe, they will be more lenient and rethink their plans.Whis points out Android 18's battle with Shosa, who is overwhelmed and knocked out by 18, but after a hard attack, he was considered to have been killed. However, his specialty is playing dead, and he attacks 18 when she checks on his body. Before she is knocked off the stage, Krillin saves her. 18 says she'll pay Shosa back in full, but Shosa offers them to jump off the stage while they still can, saying that 18's pretty face shouldn't get messed up. 18 and Krillin agree to try a new attack they practiced, and Krillin fires a ki blast that Shosa dodges, but 18 knocks it back. Krillin and 18 play ping-pong with the ki blast with Shosa in the middle, and he notices that after each hit it grows bigger. 18 then knocks the huge ki blast towards Shosa, who is knocked off.Krillin is suddenly attacked from behind by Majora, but 18 protects him. He wonders if they can defeat him, revealing his closed eyes, and Krillin gives 18 the shades he suddenly took from Master Roshi without him noticing, using the Solar Flare x100. However, it proves ineffective, and Krillin is knocked down, with Majora commenting that his eyes lost their sight long ago. Krillin wonders how he was able to pinpoint their location despite the light, but 18 points out that he's using his sense of smell. Krillin prepares to fight Majora alone, dismissing 18's concern. Krillin and Majora go head-to-head, and when Majora attacks, Krillin throws his shoe at him, stunning Majora with its stench. With Majora distracted, Krillin knocks him off with a Kamehameha. Krillin is triumphant on his victory, but 18 is embarrassed, saying when they get home she'll wash his shoes. With Krillin distracted, he's suddenly knocked off by Frost. When 18 tries to retaliate, Frost creates a smokescreen and disappears.With Krillin eliminated, Beerus shuns him but says what's done is done, and all he can do now is cheer on his teammates. Supreme Kai looks sternly down at Krillin and says that he is not disappointed, but Krillin is not reassured due to the fierce look in his eyes. There are 43 minutes until the end of the Tournament of Power.
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