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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
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some sense into [Frieza],” much to King Kai’s delight.Meanwhile, on Earth, Vegeta is delighted that Goku is going to die along with Frieza because his two obstacles in becoming the strongest in the universe will now be removed from his path. He reflects on how he was forced to work for Frieza along with Nappa and Raditz as mercenaries, particularly one assignment where they conquered the Planet Shikk in three days, but were greeted with insult and ridicule by Frieza, Zarbon and Dodoria. Once outside, Nappa revealed to Vegeta that Frieza murdered King Vegeta and destroyed their home planet (which Vegeta actually claimed to already know) and angrily demanded to know how Vegeta could continue to work as a cold-hearted mercenary for Frieza. Vegeta responded that he cared nothing for his past, but only wished to continue so that he would one day become strong enough to overthrow Frieza and rule the universe himself.Vegeta proudly declares that the day has arrived, but Gohan, in angry tears, exclaims that Vegeta is wrong and Goku will come back and finish Vegeta once and for all.Back on Namek, Goku tries flying towards Frieza again, only this time, he fires an energy blast directly in front of Frieza’s feet, successfully losing the energy disks for good. Goku resumes his attack on Frieza, pummeling him. As Frieza prepares to retaliate, he is sliced in half by one of the disks from behind, losing his legs and his left arm, despite Goku’s attempts to warn him. King Kai senses this from his planet and is shocked at such an outcome for the battle.As Frieza lies dying, Goku prepares to leave Namek, but Frieza abandons his pride and begs Goku for mercy. Goku initially refuses, on the basis that Frieza has killed countless people who were in his position in the past, and angrily questions why he should show mercy when Frieza has done nothing but cause terror, but Goku ultimately cannot find it in his heart to leave his enemy to die so pathetically, and thus gives him some of his own energy to help him survive, despite King Kai insisting otherwise.” image=””]

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