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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
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plenty of juice’, as well as turning his back on Cell to ‘make things easier’ for him. So, Semi-Perfect Cell starts the fight again, but Vegeta easily dodges his attack and pummels Semi-Perfect Cell into the ground.The fight continues and Vegeta fires many blast attacks at Semi-Perfect Cell which make a massive explosion. Vegeta tries to find Semi-Perfect Cell, but cannot sense him anywhere but Semi-Perfect Cell sneaks up and catches Vegeta’s legs. Semi-Perfect Cell thinks he has finally gotten Vegeta and tries to use his tail on Vegeta, but Vegeta just dodges it and puts it between his arms, making his tail stuck. Semi-Perfect Cell gets his tail out, but before he can do anything, Vegeta elbows Semi-Perfect Cell in the stomach, making Semi-Perfect Cell let go of Vegeta. Vegeta then goes into the water and Semi-Perfect Cell follows him. Semi-Perfect Cell goes down there and fires multiple blasts, but Future Trunks is not worried about it because he knows his dad is strong enough. Vegeta then tricks Semi-Perfect Cell by coming behind him and then firing his Atomic Blast at Semi-Perfect Cell. Vegeta and Semi-Perfect Cell get out of the water and Vegeta explains to Semi-Perfect Cell that his son Future Trunks is almost as strong as himself and that there was no way Semi-Perfect Cell had a chance of winning. Semi-Perfect Cell then gets angry and tells Vegeta that he would not be talking to him like this if he completed his evolution by absorbing Android 18.When Krillin hears Semi-Perfect Cell talk, he realizes Android 18 is still alive. Semi-Perfect Cell tries to tempt Vegeta into letting him complete his evolution and Future Trunks gets worried that Vegeta might let him. However, Vegeta says Cell still sounds like a baby.” image=””]

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