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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
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.” The two then decide to stop holding back and use the full extent of the power against each other.Tien Shinhan says that Goku and Cell are moving way too fast for him to even keep up. The two then stop moving around the ring and come down at the center of the ring. Goku kicks Cell up in the air, and flies overhead behind him and smashes him down onto the floor of the ring. Goku flies down very quickly and when the two meet, they began throwing powerful yet small and quick jabs, punches, and kicks at each other.The sparring begins once again when Cell tries to kick Goku in the face, but Goku quickly dodges. Then when Goku tries to kick Cell, Cell moves so swiftly that he appears to disappear. Goku then flies off after Cell, knowing that he only flew up in the air above the ring. Meanwhile, Jimmy Firecracker and Mr. Satan, still shocked at what they have been seeing, exchange confused looks and look around trying to find the combatants. At this point, only the Z Fighters can track Goku and Cell’s movements. The sparring continues as Goku and Cell move very quickly around the ring. With Jimmy Firecracker confused, he turns to Mr. Satan to see if he can clear up the confusion. Mr. Satan, at a loss for words, says that it is an optical illusion.Then when Goku tries to punch Cell, Cell blocks it, leading Goku to use his other hand to try and punch him. The force from when Goku tries to punch him the second time vibrates the ring. Cell then continuously punches Goku and almost knocks him off the edge of the ring. Goku moves out of the way just in time and stands at the center of the ring. The sparring match continues with Goku and Cell continuously throwing both martial and small energy attacks at one another.The highlight of this sparring is Goku kicking Perfect Cell into the air, and then flying after him while powering up a Kamehameha. Perfect Cell re-orientates himself and easily deflects the weak Kamehameha. Goku uses the distraction to get behind Perfect Cell and give him a sharp elbow. Angered, Cell responds with a vicious pair of blows, sending Goku to the tournament ring. They settle onto the ground, as Jimmy Firecracker and Mr. Satan look on totally shocked. Then, Goku and Perfect Cell agree to power up and fight seriously. Jimmy Firecracker can’t believe the spectacle was just a warm-up as the episode ends.” image=””]

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