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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
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are in awe, except for Gohan, who has seen it before. Mr. Satan, his students and the Z TV crew are dumbfounded. Even Vegeta is shocked at Goku’s true power. Goku not only has the typical Super Saiyan aura, but his body flashes energy as well. Cell then powers up in a similar fashion ending with similar results. Perfect Cell says Goku can start the match off by making the first move. Goku punches Perfect Cell in the gut and kicks him in the jaw. They then begin to fight with their full power each landing as good as they get. They stop fighting and return to the ring. Perfect Cell makes use of Tien Shinhan’s split-form technique and splits into 4 Perfect Cells. Goku easily fights off all 4 in hand-to-hand combat. Android 16 announces that Goku is stronger than all 4 Perfect Cells together. This is because the split-form technique makes Perfect Cell weaker. The Perfect Cells then use Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon on Goku, who avoids it easily. Goku lures the Perfect Cells into the air and pounds them back to the arena floor causing Perfect Cell to become one again.Perfect Cell then uses Frieza’s Death Saucer technique to chase Goku around. Goku is too fast and even with 2 disks after him is able to avoid them, though it appears as if they do go through him. Perfect Cell then uses Goku’s Kamehameha with all his power. The blast is more than enough to destroy the Earth. Goku lures the blast into space and uses the Instant Transmission to avoid the blast. Perfect Cell doesn’t understand how he did so Goku tells him. Perfect Cell then increases his speed to the point where Goku can’t see him. The episode ends when Perfect Cell reappears standing behind Goku.” image=””]

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