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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
Calling all Super Warriors Universe 7’s Decisive Battle!!!
An injured Goku lays down on the ground, watches Vegeta fight Kamioren, telling him that he is counting on him. Lagss prepares another glass attack against Goku, but Trunks steps in to save Goku and confronts Lagss. Vegeta gains the upper hand against Kamioren, with the Tuffle is suprised at the Saiyan prince’s power. Goku struggles to get up, while Hearts watches, smirking.Jiren beats down Fused Zamasu, punching him into a rock and blasting him. However, Zamasu emerges with all of his wounds healed, mocking Jiren’s efforts to defeat him.Vegeta unleashes a powerful Final Flash at Kamioren, the force of the blast being strong enough to undo the fusion of Kamioren. Kamin and Oren are shocked that their fusion was defeated, while Vegeta taunts them.Lagss prepares an attack on Trunks, but Goku pushes him out of the way, taking the attack. Goku, severely wounded, notes that Lagss’s glass attacks are interesting. Hearts calls Lagss and tells her to assist Cunber at Universe 3, saying that she is the only one capable of doing so. Goku asks if Hearts is ready to fight. Hearts reads Goku’s mind, telling Goku that he knows that the Saiyan’s “silver aura” is incomplete, and he will draw out that power, and the perfect Goku will lose to him. Goku transforms and charges at Hearts, but is weighed down by Hearts’s Gravity Burst, which also hits Trunks. Vegeta notices and charges at Hearts, but is also weighed down and reverts to base form. Goku struggles to get up and charges a ki blast in his hand, telling Hearts that he won’t lose, exciting Hearts, who goads the Saiyan to raise his fighting spirit. At that moment, a beam of light appears from the sky on Goku-Shin appears from the light and tells Goku to use Instant Transmission. Hearts, shocked, stops the Gravity Burst, allowing Goku to teleport to Vegeta and Trunks and save them before leaving Universe 11.Fused Zamasu recognizes the Supreme Kai, and Hearts decides that their next destination will be Universe 7, as the Universe Seed has enough energy from the 11th. Jiren tries to stop the two, but is trapped in an Energy Cube by Hearts and frozen.In a remote location, Fu is in a laboratory, noting that everyone is making his experiment more exciting. He then notes that it is almost time for another warrior’s grand entrance, that warrior being Metal Cooler.
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