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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
The Ultimate, Worst Warrior Invades! Universe 6 Demolished!
The battle on Sadala continues, when Oren and Kamin mention using the Saiyan girls, they begin to glow before they dissipate. Kamin enters Kale's wound while Oren enters Caulifla's wound, possessing them both as they place them under Tuffleization. Kamin, as Kale, takes down Cabba while Oren, as Caulifla, takes down Hit. The two then turn their attention towards Vegeta and Future Trunks and when Trunks asks what they are meant to do, Vegeta suggests just beating them as they begin to push them back.When Vegeta calls their ability disgusting, Kamin explains that they were created by Tuffle science and that they are the ultimate artificial lifeforms, input with all battle programs of their enemies. However the Tuffles feared their creation and tried to destroy them leading Oren and Kamin to hold a grudge against their creators. As Hit joins back into the battle, he along with Trunks hold off Oren and Kamin long enough for Vegeta to power up a Final Flash. Just before the Final Flash lands on the Tuffle pair, they leave their hosts entirely though the blast still hits everyone else.With everyone exhausted they are suddenly hit by a heavy gravitational force that pins them to the ground. The attack coming from the leader of the Core Area Warriors, Hearts, he tells everyone that the Universe Seed is brimming with energy and that he is the man who will take down Zeno, the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction. In a display of power he creates a large transparent cube which he sends upwards into space and around a nearby planet before shrinking the cube to destroy it. He then creates additional cubes and places them above the Saiyans and Hit, ready to do the same to them but Oren and Kamin tell Hearts that they were in the middle of having fun fighting them causing Hearts to halt his attack.When Fused Zamasu suddenly appears, Hearts suggests heading towards the next Universe and asks Zamasu to come along with him though Zamasu tells Hearts not to order him around. Spotting Hit, Hearts asks him who is the strongest being in all of the Universes. Though Hit does not answer, Hearts is able to read his mind and determine that the answer is Jiren and decide to head to his Universe.Meanwhile in Universe 11, Jiren stands firm ready to face Cunber in battle, with Top unconscious on the ground having already been defeated. Elsewhere at Zeno's Palace, the Grand Minister asks Goku, now in similar attire if he's ready to which Goku confirms that he is.
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