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Saiyans Watch Synopsis
The Clash of the Strongests
Vegeta and Future Trunks arrive teleport to a planet in Universe 11 to find it ravaged from the recent battles. Looking up into the sky they spot the Universe Seed as well as Oren who has followed after them. After a brief flash of light, Oren takes over as host of Vegeta's body, going a evolution further than he did when he took over Caulifla into a Strongest Form 1 stage with Oren immediately blasting at Trunks. The other members of the Core Area Warriors also arrive and Kamin asks Oren how that body is with his responding by telling her that it is bursting with power. Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan but Oren easily takes him down with Smash Break.Nearby Cunber begins his battle with Jiren but the pair appear to be evenly matched in combat though Cunber says that he will not be beaten as he transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 Full Power. Jiren attempts to go after Cunber but is suddenly pinned to the ground by Hearts gravitational force attack from above. Hearts tells Oren to battle Jiren as an angry Cunber tells Hearts that he was fighting him. Hearts says that Cunber has done enough for now and with a snap of his fingers sends Cunber ahead to Universe 3.As Jiren continues to battle Oren, Kamin soon wishes to join in on the action, as well as Fused Zamasu. Jiren engages Zamasu who are both swiftly able to dodge each others attacks. Trunks returns and takes a swipe at Zamasu who moves out of the way in time allowing Oren to blast away at Trunks again. Just before Oren finishes him off, they notice a beam of light coming down from above and Goku and the Grand Minister appear from it. Just as both allies and enemies alike are surprised at Goku's sudden arrival, Goku uses a quick burst of speed to knock Oren aside and grabs a hold of Trunks emerging in his Ultra Instinct -Sign- form which he now appears to have gained control of during his training with the Grand Minister. The Grand Minister tells Goku to take care of things and heads back to Zeno's Palace.Both Zamasu and Hearts marvel at Goku's apparent Godly power. When Zamasu goes for him, Jiren blocks his way and attacks him. An agitated Oren attempts to attack Goku again though he easily dodges every attack and counters with a sharp punch that separates Oren from Vegeta and then blasts away an incoming Kamin. Hearts looks down on Goku and smirks as Goku cooly stares him down prepared to face him next.
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